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Reviews of Ice Cream Makers (and More)

Are you thinking about buying an ice cream maker or another type frozen dessert maker? With so many different types and models out there, the task of choosing a machine for making frozen treats can be difficult. Here, we provide comparisons and reviews of ice cream makers and other frozen dessert makers to help you find the right machine for you and your family.

Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Makers – Reviews & Comparisons

Packed with saturated fat, sugar and unnatural additives, regular store-bought ice cream is not exactly a healthy dessert. By getting a high-quality ice cream maker and making your own ice cream at home you'll be in control of what goes into your frozen dessert, and with a good cookbook featuring healthy ice cream recipes, you can easily create all-natural, additive-free ice cream with a reduced fat and sugar content. Here are some ice cream maker reviews and comparisons to help you on your quest for the best ice cream maker for your kitchen:

Machines That Make "Ice Cream" from Frozen Fruit

Machine That Makes Ice Cream From Fruit

No question about it, homemade ice cream made with natural ingredients is much better for you than its commercial counterpart. However, even the healthiest ice cream recipes typically call for at least some sugar, which is not a good thing if you're trying to rid your diet of added sugars. Now, that's where the popular frozen fruit dessert makers come in! These ingenious little machines make ice cream like desserts from frozen fruit by mashing and squeezing the frozen fruit. The result is 100% fruit-based "soft-serve" that's naturally packed with vitamins and other health-promoting compounds. Here are some reviews of top frozen fruit dessert makers as well as other articles that should help you find the best frozen fruit dessert maker for you and your family: