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Stove-Top Cooking Times for Rice (Chart with 20 Different Types of Rice)

Cooking Times for 20 Types of Rice

Stove-top cooking times for rice depend largely on the type of rice you are planning to cook. The first chart below shows the approximate cooking times for the most common types of rice, including medium-grain white, long-grain brown, and parboiled rice. The second table below features more exotic rice types, including Jasmine, Arborio, Red Camargue, Wehani, Forbidden Black and Italian Wild Rice – just to mention a few.

In addition to providing the approximate recommended cooking time for each rice type, the charts also include recommendations on how much water you should add to the pot or saucepan per every cup of dry rice, as well as tips on where to buy different types of rice. If you are experienced in the kitchen, you may want to scroll down directly to the cooking times charts below. If you haven't cooked rice before on the stove-top, here's a quick guide to the process:

Step 1 (rinsing). In the past, all rice was washed prior to cooking. Today, most rices you find in the shops are clean enough so that you can usually skip this step if you like. However, some rices – especially those bought in sacks – may still need to be washed thoroughly at home, so always read the instructions label on the package.

Step 2 (measuring ingredients). Combine rice with water, stock or broth in a medium stove-top pot or saucepan. Per every cup of uncooked rice, use the amount of liquid indicated in the charts below. If you are using plain water, you can also add a pinch of salt to the water. Also keep in mind that every cup of uncooked rice will yield around 3 cups of cooked rice.

Step 3 (cooking). Next, bring the liquid to a soft boil, and reduce the heat to low. Cover the pot or sauce pan with a lid, and simmer for 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the rice type (see charts below). As the ideal cooking time for rice can vary significantly from batch to batch, it is a good idea to check the rice every now and then in order to avoid overcooking and burning: If you notice the rice has reached the desired texture before the end of the recommended cooking time, simply remove the pot from the stove-top and drain the excess liquid. If you realize there's little liquid left in the pot but the rice is still too hard, add more liquid and increase the cooking time, if necessary.

Step 4. Once the rice has reached the desired consistency, remove the pot from the stove-top and allow the rice sit covered for about 5 to 10 minutes. Once the temperature has come down, simply fluff up with a work and serve. If you have any leftover rice, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Chart 1: Recommended Cooking Times for Main Types of Rice

Rice Where to Get It Cooking Time (Min.) Liquid in Cups
Basmati, WhiteAvailable in Asian stores and many regular supermarkets45 to 552 to 2 ½
Long-Grain, WhiteReadily available in grocery stores20 to 251 ¾
Long-Grain, BrownGrocery stores40 to 452 ¼
Medium-Grain, WhiteGrocery stores20 to 301 ½
Medium-Grain, BrownGrocery stores45 to 552 ½
Short-Grain, White (e.g. Sushi Rice)Grocery stores20 to 301 ½
Short-Grain, BrownGrocery stores40 to 501 ¾
ParboiledGrocery stores25 to 302

Chart 2: Recommended Cooking Times for Common Sub-Types / Specialty Rices

Rice Type Where to Get It Cooking Time (Min.) Liquid in Cups
ArborioLook for this common risotto rice in the grain section of your favorite supermarket20 to 302 to 2 ½
Black Japonica or MahoganyA blend of Black Japonica and Mahogany rice can be ordered through Amazon here (US) or here (UK)40 to 502
Basmati, BrownBrown basmati is less common than the white type. If you can't find it in the stores near you, you can always buy it from Amazon (click here if you live in the US or here if you live in the UK15 to 201 ½
Forbidden Black Rice (aka Emperor's Rice) Specialty food stores or online shops. Amazon fans can order it here (US shoppers) or here (UK residents)30 to 401 ¾
Jasmine (Thai Fragrant Rice)Available in Thai/Asian grocery stores and many large supermarkets20 to 251 ¾
Red Rice, Himalaya / BhutaneseGet it here (if you live in the US) or here (if you live in the UK)20 to 351 ½ to 2
Red Rice, Camargue / Riz RougeBuy red rice in the US here. If you live in the UK, check out our tips on where to get red rice in the UK25 to 352 ½ to 3
Red Rice, Italian WildThis Italian gourmet rice is available in organic quality from Amazon here (US shoppers) or here (UK shoppers)35 to 452 ½
Sweet BrownIn case you can't find this sticky sushi rice in your favorite supermarket, you can always order it through Amazon here (US) or here (UK)40 to 502
WehaniOrder this aromatic, reddish-brown specialty rice developed and sold by Lundberg Family Farms through Amazon here; less readily available in the UK40 to 502
Wild RiceFor small amounts: gourmet food stores; for bulk purchases, check out the prices on Amazon here (US residents) or here (UK residents)40 to 603 to 4