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How to Grow Garland Chrysanthemum Indoors as Microgreens

Garland chrysanthemum baby greens

If you want to have a constant supply of delicious and nutritious mini-sized greens at home, try growing garland chrysanthemum baby greens or microgreens indoors. Garland chrysanthemum greens, also known as shungiku or chop-suey greens, are rich in nutrients like potassium and carotenoids. Garland chrysanthemum seeds germinate fast, yielding delicious baby greens in a very short time. The crisp, and tasty baby greens of this annual herb can be used in Asian-style stews, casseroles, omelets, soups, stir-fries, and hotpots. If you want to grow chrysanthemum baby greens indoors at home, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Fill a container (a seed-starting tray or small pot usually works well) with fine-textured potting mix. Distribute garland chrysanthemum seeds evenly on top of the potting mix and pat them down gently. Cover with a little extra soil.

  2. Next, find a bright indoor location for your container. Garland chrysanthemum baby greens or microgreens will usually grow well near a south-facing window. When finding a spot for your chrysanthemum garden, keep in mind that garland chrysanthemum greens will bolt and become bitter if they are exposed to too much sun/heat.
  3. Garland chrysanthemum, like all other plants, needs water to grow. Keep in mind, however, that too much or too little water can ruin your entire crop of chop-suey. To keep your indoor garland chrysanthemum garden moist, mist the soil lightly with a spray bottle every morning when the seeds are still germinating. Once your garland chrysanthemum microgreens are growing well, you can also use a small can to water the soil.
  4. When your garland chrysanthemum baby greens are ready for harvest, use sharp kitchen scissors to cut them close to the soil. It takes around 3 weeks for garland chrysanthemum to grow to "baby leaf" size. If you prefer the smaller "microgreen" size, you can harvest your greens even earlier. Garland chrysanthemum baby/micro greens are typically harvested just before they are eaten, which helps protect their fine texture, great flavor, and the nutrients they contain (such as potassium and carotenoids).